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1998 December 24

Effective 1999 January 1, the master list will be converted to a list containing only items launched within the last 30 days. Many of the objects currently found in the master list are already available in other categorical lists (e.g., amateur radio, GPS, weather) and the format of the current master list results in many objects being downloaded which users don't use or need. Objects not currently in one of the existing categorical lists will be added to one (or placed in a miscellaneous list, if needed). A master index will be provided to make it easy to find which list(s) a particular satellite is in.

In addition to trying to help users more easily get the data they need, this change should also help to reduce the overall amount of data downloaded from this site by eliminating the unneeded data. Monthly downloads are quickly approaching the 3GB level, which when exceeded will double our monthly operations costs to upgrade to the 4GB/month level.

It is my intention to continue to keep this site available to all users at no cost and ensure you can easily get the data you need. I need your understanding and support to help keep maintenance costs down. Once the new system goes into effect, if you can't find a particular satellite you're looking for, please let me know and I'll be sure it's added to the appropriate list. — T.S. Kelso

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