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Element Set Age (days)
0–5 5–10 10–15 15–20 20–25 25–30 > 30
International Designator NORAD Catalog Number Name Period (minutes) Inclination (degrees) Apogee Height (km) Perigee Height (km) Eccentricity Latest Data TLE Age (days)
1998-007D 25160 CELESTIS-02 101.30 107.97 864 776 0.0061140 0.90
1999-070C 26034 CELESTIS-03 95.33 98.26 543 526 0.0012758 0.47
2018-099V 43777 LACMA ENOCH 95.91 97.73 577 548 0.0020916 0.18
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