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NORAD Two-Line Element Sets

This page is being deprecated. This page has only seen 199 uses by 153 people over the period 2022 May 6–13 (less than 20 per day). As we continue to move toward providing GP data via more powerful queries and in a number of standard formats, it does not appear to make sense to implement those changes here to bring this feature up to date. The Current Data page provides all of the same features—using the same data—without having to split groups into smaller blocks or omitting larger groups. If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to contact me at – TS

Current as of 2022 Jun 26 02:05:41 UTC (Day 177)

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Future Availability of TLE Data
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Special-Interest Satellites
Last 30 Days' Launches
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Space Stations
100 (or so) Brightest
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Weather & Earth Resources Satellites
Earth Resources
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Search & Rescue (SARSAT) Disaster Monitoring
Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS)
ARGOS Data Collection System
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Communications Satellites
Active Geosynchronous
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Intelsat SES
Iridium Iridium NEXT
Orbcomm Globalstar
Swarm Amateur Radio
Experimental Other
Gorizont Raduga Molniya
Navigation Satellites
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GPS Operational Glonass Operational
Galileo Beidou
Satellite-Based Augmentation System (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS)
Navy Navigation Satellite System (NNSS)
Russian LEO Navigation
Scientific Satellites
Space & Earth Science
Geodetic Engineering
Miscellaneous Satellites
Miscellaneous Military Radar Calibration
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