NORAD General Perturbations (GP) Element Sets
Current Data

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The Center for Space Standards & Innovation

Current as of 2021 Jul 24 08:06:40 UTC (Day 205)

System Notices

Supplemental GP Data

Special-Interest Satellites
Last 30 Days' Launches
Space Stations
100 (or so) Brightest
Active Satellites
Analyst Satellites
Indian ASAT Test Debris
Chinese ASAT Test Debris
IRIDIUM 33 Debris
COSMOS 2251 Debris
Weather & Earth Resources Satellites
Earth Resources
Search & Rescue (SARSAT) Disaster Monitoring
Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS)
ARGOS Data Collection System
Planet Spire
Communications Satellites
Active Geosynchronous
GEO Protected Zone GEO Protected Zone Plus
Intelsat SES
Iridium Iridium NEXT
Starlink OneWeb
Orbcomm Globalstar
Amateur Radio Experimental Comm Other Comm
Gorizont Raduga Molniya
Navigation Satellites
GPS Operational GLONASS Operational
Galileo Beidou
Satellite-Based Augmentation System (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS)
Navy Navigation Satellite System (NNSS)
Russian LEO Navigation
Scientific Satellites
Space & Earth Science
Geodetic Engineering
Miscellaneous Satellites
Miscellaneous Military Radar Calibration
CubeSats Other Satellites

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Master Two-Line Element Set Index
An index showing the composition of each two-line element set data file (all data is contained in the files above)—use it to find which file(s) you need to download. This index also includes links describing many satellite payloads. The index includes information on age of each element set.