System Notice

2000 December 28

As of 2000 December 16, the CelesTrak WWW site has been moved to a new web hosting service. This move was necessitated by the rapid growth in downloads over the past several months (see notice titled "Bandwidth Problems"). Projections in early December showed downloads hitting 6GB for the month—well over our 4GB limit.

The new service allows 10GB/month and actually costs less. However, I still need your help in continuing to carefully consider the frequency and amount of data you download in order to maintain the CelesTrak WWW site as a free service.

The move has caused some changes as a result of system differences on the new web hosting service. In particular, the FTP access has changed slightly. While the data is still in the /pub/elements directory, this shows up as the /elements directory to anonymous FTP users—you will need to change any automated processes accordingly. If you make this change and are still having problems, please be sure you are logging into [site no longer active] and not using an IP address. Any change in web hosting service (current or future) will always result in changes in the IP address but the domain name will remain the same. Finally, there is also a limit of 10 simultaneous users for FTP sessions (a limit of the new service which can't be changed).

In closing, I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who offered your support during this 'crisis.' The offers of monetary contributions were certainly well appreciated but it is my intention to keep this service free for all users. For those of you who offered to set up FTP mirrors, you are certainly welcome to do so. Please note that daily updates are performed just after 1000 and 2200 UTC. — TS Kelso